Coastwide Attorneys At Your Side

In the moments following a serious car accident, confusion reigns. Victims – including the 6 million of them nationally every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – have questions, starting with, “How did this happen?” Collisions result from a variety of factors. Far too many involve the negligence of drivers. Fault comes in many forms, from reckless operation of a car to distracted and drunk driving.

Injuries are usually the outcome – some are minor, but many are more catastrophic. In a split second, life can change for a car accident victim. The steps they take early on following the crash can make a significant difference in how matters play out.

Even The Odds With Legal Representation

While medical care is essential in the short time following a car accident, legal representation is vital to secure compensation for the injuries you suffered. The personal injury attorneys at Atchison Law Firm have represented Mississippi residents who have been injured by negligent drivers. For you, we focus on evening the odds you face and getting to the facts.

Insurance companies will claim that they are on your side. In reality, they are trying to minimize the damages you suffered and dispose of your car accident claim quickly. Our job is to maximize the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Results-Driven In Finding Resolution

Our personal injury attorneys explore all options to secure the best possible resolution. Mediation can save both time and money, allowing you to move on with your life much sooner. However, if negotiations reach an impasse, we will litigate. We prepare all cases for trial, even if negotiations are successful. You need that proactiveness, diligence and attention to detail when so much is at stake.

For more information on how our coastwide car accident lawyers can help you, send us a confidential email or reach out to the lawyers at Atchison Law Firm by calling 228-875-1234.