Helping You Reach A Practical Outcome For Your Child Support

Raising a child is expensive. Food, shelter, education, medical care, entertainment and other needs of a child are often a significant part of a family’s budget. When parents part ways with each other, it can be challenging to share these costs fairly.

Therefore, child support is often necessary to ensure that the child receives full care regardless of their parents’ relationship with each other. Based in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Atchison Law Firm represents our clients’ financial needs during child custody hearings. Whether you are a custodial or noncustodial parent, the firm will work to make the outcome reasonable for you.

How Mississippi Courts Determine Child Support Payments

The court will calculate child support based on several factors, including:

  • Each parent’s total income from wages, investments and other sources
  • The amount each parent pays toward taxes, Social Security and other basic obligations
  • The amount the custodial parent must pay toward the necessities of raising the child
  • The number of children who require child support
  • The child’s own income sources, if any
  • Special needs of the child, such as medical care for a serious condition

Because courts consider earnings and certain expenses, working with a skilled attorney can help you accurately report your financial circumstances and your child’s needs. William B. Atchison has extensive experience in child support cases, including within divorce cases. He can assess your family’s financial situation and highlight significant details for a fair outcome.

Rely On A Trusted Family Lawyer For Child Support Counsel

William B. Atchison has assisted countless parents as they encounter legal problems like child support issues. He can meet with you to discuss your case and financial concerns. Send an email or call Atchison Law Firm at 228-875-1234 to schedule a free consultation with him today.