Answers To Frequently Asked Mississippi Divorce Questions

Divorce can be an intimidating prospect. With more information about what to expect and how to protect your interests, however, you may feel more confident in the divorce process.

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How Should I Prepare For A Divorce?

Getting ready for divorce can start months or even years before it begins. To position your case for success, you can take steps now, such as:

  • Gathering financial records, including retirement accounts, loan documents and a list of your property
  • Increasing the security of your personal devices, social media accounts and separate bank accounts
  • Learning about the possibilities of your divorce case and identifying your goals
  • Filing for a protective order or temporary support order if necessary

If you have questions or concerns, it is important to review your situation with your lawyer at the start of your case. An experienced attorney can help ensure that you have full protection as you begin the divorce process.

What Will Happen To The Family Home?

For many families, their home might be the most significant asset they own. The idea of losing access to the home or its value can be worrisome. However, there are several ways that divorcing spouses and courts can approach property division.

In many cases, one party will keep the house and refinance the mortgage in their name, while the other party may receive other valuable assets in return. If there are children who were living in the home before the divorce and only one parent has physical custody, it may be most practical for the home to remain with that parent. Otherwise, you may choose to sell the property and divide the equity fairly.

How Does Divorcing Later In Life Change My Case?

Divorce after the age of 50 is often called “gray divorce,” and this could mean that you have unique concerns and priorities. Although you less likely to have child custody or child support concerns, you might instead focus on property division and spousal support. As you near retirement age, the division of retirement accounts and pensions can be a particularly vital priority.