Effective Counsel To Resolve A Child Custody Case

When parents separate or divorce, their children are likely one of their biggest concerns. Many parents fear losing custody or visitation rights. If you are worried about your case, it is critical to be proactive and review your options.

At Atchison Law Firm, William B. Atchison works directly on his clients’ cases in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Through one-on-one legal support, you can get protection for your parental rights.

Custody Arrangements Are Unique To Each Family Situation

In child custody cases, there are more possibilities than you might first realize. Mississippi courts work to find a fair arrangement that prioritizes the child. Sometimes, the responsibilities and joys of caring for the child may be divided among the parents.

The possible outcomes of your child custody case could include:

  • Physical custody: A parent with physical custody will reside with the child. Both parents may have physical custody and take turns rotating on a schedule that works with the child’s lifestyle.
  • Legal custody: A parent with legal custody can make decisions for the child, such as education or medical care. Both parents may share legal custody. In this case, the parents may need to communicate and compromise often.
  • Visitation: A parent with visitation rights does not have the same abilities as the custodial parent. However, a parent with visitation has the right to spend time with their child as specified in the final court order.

Nearly 30 Years Of Legal Experience Helping Families Along The Gulf Coast

William B. Atchison can argue in favor of your interests and those of your child. Having served as a family law attorney for nearly 30 years, his experience allows him to provide detailed insight for child custody disputes.

Whether you seek custody, visitation or other protection for your child, Atchison Law Firm can support you throughout the legal process. The firm can also help you create a fair parenting plan, seek child support and enforce your parental rights.

Protect Your Relationship With Your Child

The bond between a child and their mother or father can impact their life well into adulthood. When this bond could be at stake, professional representation is vital. For a free initial consultation with a qualified child custody lawyer, call 228-300-4344 or email the firm.