Modifications To Existing Divorce Orders

Modify A Family Law Court Order That No Longer Serves Its Purpose

During divorce or another type of family law case, the court designs orders to be as fair as possible. Over time, however, life changes. An order that was fair a few months or years ago might no longer be fair today.

Modifying a family court order requires a compelling argument backed by substantial evidence. Atchison Law Firm can work with you to maximize your chances of successfully changing the order. For nearly 30 years, the firm’s founding attorney, William B. Atchison, has helped clients throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast resolve legal issues.

Over Time, Circumstances Change

You might have a court order that determines child custody, child support, visitation or alimony. As children grow up and each adult’s life evolves, these orders may need adjustments or termination.

Reasons to change an existing order could include:

  • Job loss, a new job or significant income change
  • Relocation for a job or family medical reason
  • Remarriage of a former spouse or the other parent
  • Domestic violence, drug use or other substance abuse issues
  • A sudden change in a child’s needs, such as a serious medical condition

It is not safe to assume that the court will automatically sympathize with your point of view. In fact, courts generally favor keeping orders unchanged. As your lawyer, William B. Atchison can represent you and help build a complete case to show the court why a modification is necessary.

Justify A Modification With An Experienced Lawyer

Convincing a court that the circumstances call for a different solution can be challenging. However, William B. Atchison has earned recognition for his ability to convey his client’s needs and wishes. Let him represent you. Call 228-300-4344 or email Atchison Law Firm for a free consultation.