Addressing Spousal Support Matters During And After Your Mississippi Divorce

Divorce can reset your life in a few different ways. Between property division and losing access to your spouse’s income, your personal finances are likely to change. However, some divorcing spouses discover that they will not walk away with enough to maintain their lifestyle.

Serving throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Atchison Law Firm can help you find a fair resolution to your divorce case. For some clients, a fair resolution may involve alimony and other financial support.

Mississippi Spousal Support Calculations Are Complex

There are several factors that determine whether you might receive or pay alimony as well as the amount and duration of payments, including:

  • Your standard of living during marriage
  • Each spouse’s earning capacity – which may differ from actual income
  • Each spouse’s health and necessary living expenses
  • The sources of income available to each spouse
  • Unique issues that may play a significant role in your case

Whether you want to secure an award or avoid spousal support obligations, William B. Atchison can represent your priorities throughout the divorce process. He has found resolutions for clients with varying financial concerns during his nearly 30 years of practice as a family law attorney. Whatever your goals, he can advocate for you.

Resolve Post-Divorce Spousal Support Issues

Spousal support might not only be a divorce matter. You may also face conflict or new needs after divorce.

If the obligated former spouse refuses to meet the payment requirements, you can rely on the firm to enforce the spousal support order. If your circumstances change and you need to modify the orderAtchison Law Firm will be ready to advise you about your options.

Meet William B. Atchison For Guidance

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